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p0002Whole South-Western side, 1913

Last Russian pre-WWI business directory which list enterpneurs from Kiev, Volinskaya and  Podolskaya Guberniya with highest (more than 10%) Jewish population.
In book listed businessmans in all cities, shtetles, towns and villages of this area. Practically we have a free source for Jewish Geneological research because listed even names of Jewish owners of shops in small village.

You can download this book here.



Enzilrlopediya1Holocaust in USSR. Encyclopedia, 2009

Great book. It is result of hundreds research which were done by dozens historican from 12 contries. Book was published in 2009 and has articles about each place in USSR there were killed more than 100 Jews or was created concentration camp/ghetto.

Book was provided by Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies






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