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Chyhyryn or Chigirin is a city and important historic site located in Cherkasy Oblast of central Ukraine. From 1648 to 1669 the city was a Hetman capital of Cossack Hetmanate and a traditional place for the appointment to the office of Hetman of Zaporizhian Host.

The Chronicles of Nathan Hannover mention that during the middle of the XVII century, the tenant in Chyhyryn was a Jew named Zacharia Sobilenko. According to one hypothesis, the Jewish tavern was more successful than the tavern of Captain Bohdan Khmelnitsky and this became the cause of his hatred toward Jews and the brutal massacres of Jewish communities.

Chigirin on pre-revolution postcard

Chigirin on pre-revolution postcard

During Khmelnitsky’s uprising, the town became the Hetman’s residence and there was no Jewish population in the area. In the late 17th century, with the restoration of the Polish authorities, a small Jewish community emerged in Chyhyryn.

In 1802, there were 16 merchants in the town, all of them Jewish.

In 1897, the population of Chyhyryn was 9,870 people, including some 3,000 Jews. The latter were mainly engaged in trade and handicrafts including 551 craftsmen, 204 tailors and 53 workers in the local tanneries. About 200 families each year applied for assistance from the community before the Passover. Of the 300 students in secondary schools in the town, 45 attended the Talmud Torah and four prayer houses operated.

Chyhyryn entrepreneurs in 1913:

In 1919, the Jewish community grew to close to 6,000, a large majority of the towns total population of 8,000.

Jewish population of Chyhyryn:
1897 ~ 3000 (30%)
1919 ~ 6000
1939 – 116

In early May 1919, Chyhyrynsky county was hit by a wave of pogroms organised by Grigoriev’s gang, The Jewish community also suffered from the units of Denikin’s Volunteer Army. There is no exact data available for casualties resulting from these pogroms.

In 1939, the population of Chyhyrynsky district included 116 Jews.
In early 1942, a small group of Jews were shot in Chyhyryn.

In 2012 in Chigirin old christian cemeterie of the mid 19th century were found a Jewish tomb with an inscription in Hebrew. The inscription held the names of the buried: rabbi Nahman from Chigirin who wrote “Parperaot le-hohma”; rabbi Zalman, son of rabbi Nahman; rabbi Nahman, son of rabbi Efraim; rabbi Girshel Ljubarski – grandsons of rabbi Nahman from Braslav, as well as famous Jewish sages rabbi David-shojhet and his son rabbi Nahman, rabbi Zushegat, rabbi Moishe-Efraim, rabbi Natan’s son rabbi Pesah Zaslavsky, rabbi Avraham Eivin, rabbi Boruh Efraim who wrote the book “Bi-Bei Anahel’” and many other famous Hasidic sages.

I dont have more information about this Jewish Community 🙁

Grave of Nahman Goldshtein "Chigiriner Rav" in Chigirin, 2017

Grave of Nahman Goldshtein “Chigiriner Rav” in Chigirin, 2017


Jewish Cemetery

The cemetery has been demolished; there is a white 5-storied brick house at the site. It is located not far from the musical school building.

Address: Hrushevs’koho Str., 4a


It is a cinema in the building of synagogue. I don’t have more details…

Chyhyryn synagogue. Beginning of XX century

Chyhyryn synagogue. Beginning of XX century



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