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Posted by on Apr 1, 2019 in Shtetls, Zhytomyr region | 0 comments

Khoroshev is an urban-type village, a district center in the Zhitomir region. Khoroshev has been a part of the Russian Empire since 1793. In the XIX – early XX centuries it was a shtetl in Zhitomir uyezd, Volyn gubernia. The settlement has been renamed several times: by 1607 – Alexandropol, in 1607-1912 – Goroshki, in 1912-1923 – Kutuzovo, in 1923 – 1933 – Volodarsk-Volynskiy, and in 2016 – Khoroshev. We gathered information about post-war Jews of Khoroshev during our...

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Posted by on Mar 31, 2019 in Shtetls, Zhytomyr region | 0 comments

Puliny (from 1935 until 2016 called Chervonoarmiisk) is an urban-type settlement in Zhytomyr Oblast. It is the administrative center of Puliny Raion. Population: 5,454(2013 est.) In XIX – beginning of XX century it was a shtetl of Zhitomir Yezd, Volyn Gubernia. In the mid-nineteenth century, Puliny did not form an independent Jewish community and in 1867 there were only 43 Jewish houses. Get Directions In 1867 the Russian authorities knew about one prayer house in Puliny, which was officially...

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Posted by on Mar 30, 2019 in Cherkasy region, Shtetls | 0 comments

Kamenka is a town in the Cherkassy region with the population of 11,978 (2016). Before the 1917 revolution, Kamenka was a shtetl of Chigirin uyezd, Kiev guberniya. No much information was available about Kamenka’s Jewish history in the XIX – early XX century. In the early XX century, there was one synagogue and a prayer house in the town. During pogroms, the synagogue and the Jewish amateur theatre were destroyed. In 1919, it has about six thousand inhabitants; about...

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Posted by on Mar 29, 2019 in Shtetls, Zhytomyr region | 0 comments

A village named Emilchino has been known since the year 1585; however, little information exists about pre-revolutionary life there. We do know that the town was originally incorporated into the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. However, in 1793, Emilchino became part of the Russian Empire. We find some references to a Jewish population in the town during the XIX – XX centuries. Most Jewish residents worked in petty trading or in various crafts. During that time frame, the town became an integral...

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Posted by on Mar 28, 2019 in Kiev region, Shtetls | 0 comments

Hostoml (Polish), Гостомель – Hostomel, Hostomel’ (Ukrainian) Gostomel is a town in the Kiev region. In the XIX – early XX centuries, it was a shtetl of the Kiev uyezd, Kiev gubernia. Very little is known about Jewish history of this former shtetl. Some information on the post-war Jewish population of Gostomel was provided by Genia Mezhiritskaya, born in 1938. We met in Gostomel in spring 2018. Get Directions Following the second partition of Poland in 1793, when the...

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Posted by on Mar 26, 2019 in Shtetls, Zhytomyr region | 0 comments

Ovruch is a city in Zhytomyr region. In the XVI – XVIII centuries, it was a part of the Commonwealth of Poland. In the year 1793 the town was incorporated into the Russian Empire. Since 1795 it has been a district (uyezd) center of the Volyn gubernia. The first mention of Jews living in Ovruch dates back to 1629. At that time Jews there owned three houses and paid taxes to the owner of Ovruch. The main occupations of...

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Posted by on Mar 21, 2019 in Kirovohrad region, Shtetls | 0 comments

Alexandrovka is a city located in Kirovograd region of central Ukraine, center of Alexandrovka district. Kozelets is located on the Tyasmin River, a tributary of the Dnieper. The city’s estimated population is 8721 (as of 2017). In XIX – beginning of XX century it was shtetl of Chigirin Yezd of Kiev Gubernia. Information about the Jews of Alexandrovka was collected and organized by the head of the local museum Vasyl Viktorovich Biloshapka. Get Directions The first written mention of...

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