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Posted by on Nov 28, 2017 in Kiev region, Shtetls | 0 comments

Kagarlik has been a town since 1971, a district center of Kiev region. It’s history goes back to 1590. In the XVII – XVIII centuries Kagarlik was a part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Kagarlik was incorporated into the Russian Empire since 1793. In the XIX and early XX centuries, it was a shtetl of Kiev uiezd, Kiev gubernia. Part of the information for this article was provided by Lubov Petrovna Tkachenko, who had been the head of the Kagarlik...

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Posted by on Nov 26, 2017 in Kiev region, Shtetls | 0 comments

Rokitne is an urban-type settlement located on the Ros River in Kiev region. It is the administrative center of Rokytnianskyi district. In 2001, population was 13,790. In the XIX-early XX centuries, it was a shtetl Rakitne of Vasilkov uyezd, Kiev governorship. The town of Rokitne had already been known before 1518, owned at that time by Prince Ostrozkiit. In the XVII century, Rokitne was a remarkable settlement with a palace in it. In the mid of May 1648, Kazaks...

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Posted by on Nov 25, 2017 in Shtetls, Zhytomyr region | 0 comments

Novi Velidnyky (English), Wieledniki (Polish), Новые Веледники – Novye Veledniki (Russian) Veledniki is a village in the Ovruch district, Zhitomir region. The village’s estimated population is 783 (as of 2001). The settlement dates back to 1545. In the XVI-XVIII centuries it was in the Ovruch povet (district), Volyn voivodship of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. In 1793, it was incorporated into the Russian Empire. In the XIX-early XX centuries, it was a shtetl Veledniki of Ovruch uyezd, Volyn governorship. Beginning First Jews settled...

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Posted by on Nov 19, 2017 in Shtetls, Zhytomyr region | 1 comment

Malin is a historic city located in Zhytomyr region, center of Malin district. The city’s estimated population is 26,934  (as of 2013). In 1793, when Poland was divided for the second time, the town of Malin became part of Russia. Four years later, in 1797, government authorities formally incorporated Malin into the Radomishl district of Kiev Gubernia. Although the first mention of Jews in Malin was in 1784, many historians believe the community existed earlier. By the late XIX century, records show a...

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Mokra Kaligorka

Posted by on Nov 12, 2017 in Cherkasy region, Shtetls | 1 comment

Kalihórka Mokra (Polish), Мокрая Калигорка, Mokraya Kaligorka (Russian) Mokra Kaligorka is town of the Katerinopol district, Cherkassy region. It has been known since the early XVIII century, at which time it was incorporated into the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It has been a part of the Russian Empire since 1793. In the XIX-early XX centuries, it was the town Kaligorka Mokraya of Zvenigorod uyezd, Kiev gubernia. Most information for this article was provided by teacher of the local school Ludmila Diduk. We don’t...

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Posted by on Nov 5, 2017 in Cherkasy region, Shtetls | 0 comments

Moshny is a village of Cherkassy district, Cherkassy region. Its population was 4,799 people in 2001. In the early ХХ century it was a shtetl of the Cherkassy uyezd, Kiev gubernia. Moshny is situated sixteen miles west-northwest of Cherkasy, a short distance north of the Vilshanka River, and about five miles southwest of the Dnieper River. Moshny was granted Magdeburg rights in 1592. The Moshny Jewish community was primarily a Hasidic community. Its population in the late eighteenth century was a...

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Posted by on Oct 22, 2017 in Chernivtsi region, Shtetls | 1 comment

Khotin is a district town in the Chernivtsi region, Ukraine. It was founded in the X century in Kievan Rus. Since the second part of the XIV century, it was part of the Moldavian principality. It was also under the power of Poland. Since 1711 it has been under the influence of Turkey. According to the Bucharest Peace Treaty of 1812 Khotin together with Bessarabia was incorporated into Russia. In 1918 it was annexed Romania. By 1940 the Soviet Union annexed...

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