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Posted by on Чер 8, 2012 in Cherkasy region, Shtetls | 0 comments

Kaniow (Polish), Канiв – Kaniv (Ukrainian), Канев – Kanev (Russian) KANIV, port on the Dnieper River in Сherkassy district, Ukraine. Beginning Jewish settlement began in the end of the 17th century or the beginning of the 18th. From 98 (including the surrounding villages) in 1765, the Jewish population grew to 1,635 in 1847 and 2,682 (30% of the total population) in 1897. In 1910, the town had a synagogue, two prayer houses, two male and one female government-sponsored schools. Before WWI most of the petty trade in town was in Jewish hands, all groceries and textile shops as well as others. In 1913 Vulf Moishevich Shteinvortsel was official Rabi. Kaniv entrepreneurs in 1913 (90% were Jews): Civil War pogroms The Jews of On November 6, 1917, local hoodlums ransacked many Jewish properties; this happened again in the beginning of...

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