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Posted by on Лют 19, 2012 in Chernigov region, Shtetls | 44 comments

Прилуки – Priluki (Ukrainian), פרילוקי (Hebrew) If your ancestors are Myasnikov from Priluki (or you have some information about them) – please contact me. It is possible that we are relatives 🙂 Priluki is a historic town located in Chernihiv region of northern Ukraine, center of Prilutskiy raion (not to be confused with Old Priluka – a village in Vinnitsa district, former shtetl). Priluki is located on the Udai River, a tributary of the Sula. The city’s estimated population is 61,600 (as of 2005). Before Revolution, Priluki was a center of Priluki Uezd of Poltava gubernia. Beginning Priluki first appears in the historical record in 1085. The settlement was founded initially as border post during the time of Yaroslav Mudriy. In 1569-1648 Priluki was a part of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. City map, 1764-1780 City map, 1789 In the XVII century,...

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