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Makhnovka is a village in the Kazatinsky district of the Vinnitsa region, 12 kilometers from the Kazatin railway station. The population at the 2001 census was 3,467. A rather picturesque river Gnilopyat flows near the village. Before Revolution, Makhnovka was a shtetl of Berdichev uezd, Kiev gubernia. From 1935 to 2016 – the village was called Komsomolskoye. In 2016, the historical name of Makhnovka was returned to the village.   Beginning Documentary references to Makhnovka have been known at least since the first half of the 17th century (according to some sources, even from 1611). The town was the private property of the Tyshkevich magnates, whose ancestors received these lands in 1430 from the Lithuanian prince Svidrigailo, who owned this part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Together with Berdichev and other estates, it was inherited by the princes...

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Krasnoe is a historic village located in Tyvrov district of Vinnitsya region. Krasnoe is located on the Krasnyanka River, a tributary of the Southern Bug. The village’s estimated population is 1,110 (as of 2001). Krasnoe became a part of Russia Empire in 1793, in XIX – beginning of XX century it was shtetl of Yampol Yezd of Podolia Gubernia. Beginning The Jewish community was first mentioned in the town of Krasnoe in 1605. The area where Krasnoe Jews settled was the older part of the town. During Khmelnytsky Uprising (the Cossack-Polish insurgency in 1648-1654 under the command of Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky) the Jewish population in Krasnoe was completely decimated by Khmelnytsky’s Cossack military units. In the first half of the XVIII century, when a revival of the Jewish communities began in Bratslav area, Jewish colonists migrated from different areas to revive the community of Krasnoe. They gradually...

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Varshilovka (Yiddish), Vorosilovka (Dutch), Woroszylowka (Polish), Ворошилівка (Ukrainian), Ворошиловка – Voroshilovka (Russian) Voroshilovka is a village located in Tivrov district of Vinnitsya region. It is located on the South Bug River. The village’s estimated population is 1247 (as of 2001). Voroshilovka is approx. 32 km from Vinnitsya and in 280 km from Kiev. Before the Revolution it was a shtetl of Tivrov volost, Vinnitsky yezd, Podol guberniya. This article was insipred by the writings of Michael Charnofsky who emigrated from Voroshilovka before World War I and wrote this charming book in 1960s.   The hard economic and political condition of this small Podolian Jewish shtetl in the beginning of XX century are described here very thoroughly. You can download it by this link. Beginning Jewish population of Voroshilovka: 1765 – 116 jews 1787 – 189 jews 1847 – 1847...

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Браслав – Braslav (Formerly), Брацлав (Ukrainian), Брацлав – Bratslav (Russian) Bratslav is a townlet in Ukraine, located in the Nemyriv Raion of Vinnytsia Oblast, by the Southern Bug river. It is a medieval European city which dramatically lost its importance during the XIX-XX centuries. Beginning Bratslav was founded in 1362 by duke of Lithuania Algirdas. A Jew leased the collection of customs duties in Bratslav in 1506, and it appears that a Jewish settlement developed in the town from that time. In 1545 the Jews were exempted from the construction of roads “so that they could travel on their commercial affairs.” The Jews underwent much suffering during the attacks of the Tatars on the town during the 16th century (especially in 1551). At the beginning of the 17th century, commercial relations were maintained between the Jews of Bratslav and those of...

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Most information was taken from this book. Djurin (Polish, Yiddish & Hebrew), Джурин (Ukrainian), Джурин – Dzhurin (Russian) Dzhurin (old names Churylov, Churintsy, Dzhurilov) – village in Shargorod region, Vinnytsia oblast, before 1923 it was a shtetl of Yampol yezd, Podolsk province. The population is 3734 people (in 2001). Beginning Churylov settlement was first mentioned in documents in the XV century. Same settlement mentioned in royal charter of 1547. Apparently in those days it was protected by a fortified castle. In the XVIII century Dzhurin  belonged to Potocki magnates. In 1767 Dzhurin get urban rights and privileges to conduct monthly fair. In 1765 there were 35 Jewish houses, where lived 84 people, all were assigned to the community of Murafa. According to the 1775 census in in the town were Jews: 65 men, 69 women, 14 boys, 10 girls...

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