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The newspaper “Nadezhda” (“Hope”) is the periodical of the Regional Association of Jewish Organizations of Small Ukrainian Towns. This is the first Jewish newspaper in the Cherkasy and Kiev regions. It was established in Korsun-Shevchenkovskiy in December, 1994. The newspaper editor is Klavdiya Kolesnikova. The newspaper is published monthly on 1 printed sheet, with a circulation of 500 copies, in Russian and Ukrainian languages, distributed in 40 cities of the Association, as well as in other cities of Ukraine, Russia, Israel, USA, Germany.

The publication tells about:

  • life of Jews in Ukraine, the Association as a whole and in its individual communities;
  • the work of Community programmes, Sunday School, the Regional Museum of Jewish History;
  • the past and present of the Jewish towns;
  • the famous countrymen;
  • the participation of Jews in World War II, the events of the Holocaust in the Cherkasy and Kiev regions, the Righteous Among the Nations;
  • life in Israel.

The newspaper provides:

  • interviews with interesting people;
  • cognitive and entertaining materials on Jewish history and tradition;
  • literary creativity of readers, etc.

The newspaper has become a chronicle of the life of the Association, a distributor of advanced experience. It helps the Jews to return to their origins, brings together the Jewish community into a single united family and introduces national traditions and history.
Ежемесячная газета “Надежда” издаеться в Корсуне активным членом местной еврейской общины, основатлем музея Еврейскои истории Клавдией Колесниковой. Основной тематикой газеты являеться еврейская история и современность общин Киевской и Черкасской областей.You can download issues by link below.

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  1. I’m interested in this area because it was the home of my maternal grandfather. On the other hand, it seems that the first thing anyone involved with genealogy. either as the pursuer or the pursued asks is for money. It’s as if you meet a girl and the first words out of your mouth are “would you like to go to bed with me? I”m not saying that I’ll never make a donation, but if you plan to “Hoc mere in Chynick” the chances are slim.

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