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Novoarkhangelsk is an urban-type settlement since 1957 and a district center of Kirovograd region.
It was established in 1742. In the XIX to early XX centuries, it was a shtetl of Yelizavetgradka uyezd, Kherson guberniya.

Novoarkhangelsk stands on river Sinuha. On the opposite side of river locates former shtetl Torgovitsya.

We were in Novoarkhangelsk in the summer 2017, but we couldn’t gather any information about the history of Jews living in this former shtetl.

Novoarkhangelsk and Torgovitsya om the map of 19 century

Novoarkhangelsk and Torgovitsya om the map of 19 century

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Jews have been living in Novoarkhangelsk since 1764. In the XVIII century, the main occupations of the Jewish population of the shtetl were crafts and trade.

Jewish population of Rizhanovka:
1897 — 943 (15%)
1923 – 570 Jews
1939 – 209 Jews

In the 1880’s Jews owned the majority of trade and industrial enterprises including mills and smithies. In 1913, Jews owned the only drugstore and a warehouse of pharmacy products, five stalls including the only haberdashery store, and a factory. The only lumberman in Novoarkhangelsk was Jewish.

Rabbi Shmuel Itzhak Reznik, the son of Rabbi Chaim Mendel Reznik from Pyatyroti (Kalnibolot), served as the rabbi of Novoarkhangelsk from 1905-1906. He was killed during the pogroms of 1919-1920 in the same place, so he likely was still the rabbi of Novoarkhangelsk at the time of the pogroms.

In early September 1919, a pogrom was carried out by the parts of the Volunteer Army in Novoarkhangelsk. As a result, many Jews were killed and, all Jewish houses were looted.

Former synagogue in Novoarkhangelsk, 2017

Former synagogue in Novoarkhangelsk, 2017

In the 1920’s-1930’s, a large part of the Jews of Novoarkhangelsk moved to bigger cities.

In August 1941, Novoarkhangelsk was occupied by Wehrmacht parts. On February 5 1942, 134 Jews were killed in the collective farm “Stalin” of Novoarkhangelsk district. On March 12 1942, 27 Jews were shot in Novoarkhangelsk.

Former center of shtetl

Former center of shtetl

In 2005, some Jews still lived in Novoarkhangelsk.

Famous Jews from Novoarkhangelsk

Zevulun Kvartin (1874, Novoarkhangelsk – 1953, New Jersey), a cantor, composer.

Zevulun Kvartin



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  1. Мои предки по фамилии Тарадай жили в Новоархангельске до 1928-1929 года.
    Фамилии соседей и родственников по браку Козорез и Теплицкие.
    Ищу любые сведения.

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