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Photo from Talne

Reburial ceremony in Talne. 1952-1953

Reburial ceremony in Talne. 1952-1953

I have get this photo from Titler Valentina Romanovna. She is a Head of last Jewish Community in Talne (It is only 20 members which are most retirees and seems that Jews will disappear in this small city in next 20 years and will end 400-years history of our presence on this picturesque piece of Ukrainian land). This photo was made during remains reburial ceremony of  Jews-specealist who were killed by nazi near butchery in April, 1942. I haven’t pay attention to this small picture more than one month but once I try to add it on site it start to be very symbolic for me…

What we can see? Two coffins are on the truck with bones of last Jews who left in occupation. Few dozens of Jews who returned from evacuation are walking behind. And all this ceremony is on the front of poor rural houses and endless Ukrainian expanses.

For me it isn’t a simple photo…




  1. Hi, Can you provide me contact details of Titler Valentina Romanovna, I would like to ask her more about my grandparents from Talne

    • Send you to your gmail mailbox

  2. Вы можете мне помочь. Я поеду в Талну в августе следующего года и хочу узнать, есть ли там какая-нибудь еврейская община, чтобы помочь мне найти места, где жила моя семья. Спасибо, Тhelma Frye

    • Shalom,

      What was your family name?
      I will call Head of the local Jewish community and ask…

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