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Priluki ghetto

Today is a 71-anniversary of Priluki ghetto elimination.
In Pliskunovka ravine were killed 1290 Jews who survived during terrible winter 1941/1942. There  was women, children and aged people. Mans who can resist were taked from ghetto and killed at unknown place in months before and their graves still unknown…

Due to efforts of the local Jewish Community a new monument was erected honoring the Jewish victims. As late as 2005 the plaque written in neutral terms commemorated only the “Soviet citizens”.

In his memoir Priluki holocaust survivor Vladimir Entin, mentions an extraordinary case atypical to the nature of the Holocaust in Ukrainian. According to Entin during the Pliskunovka massacre a few young Ukrainian auxiliary policeman refused orders to shoot and kill Jews. The defiant Policemen were disarmed by the Germans, given shovels and ordered to dig their own graves. The soviet authorities were said to have destroyed this grave in 1950’s. Almost 75 years later the names of many of the Jews lying underneath the Pliskunovka Ravine are still unknown. Yet even more elusive and enigmatic are the names the brave young Ukrainian boys who refused to adhere to the bestial nature of their German overlords.




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