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Talna, Tolne, טאלנא (Yiddish), Talne – Тальне – Tal’ne (Ukrainian), Talnoe – Тальное (Russian)

Talne is a city in Cherkasy region of Ukraine. Talne is located on the Girskiy Tikich River. The city’s estimated population is 13815 (as of 2017).
In XIX – beginning of XX century it was shtetl of Uman Yezd of Kiev Gubernia.


The Jews of Talne were mentioned for the first time in connection with Cossack pogroms when the local Jewish community was destroyed in 1768. In 1848, according to the census, the Jewish community of Talne consisted of 1,807 people, while in 1897, the Jewish population increased to 5,452 people (57%). 

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In 1854, Rabbi David Tversky (1808—1882) arrived in the town, and the place became a centre for Hasidim.

Rabbi David Tversky and his ohel in Talne Jewish cemetery:

In 1910, a Talmud Torah existed in Talne, as well as a private Jewish college for men, a synagogue and four other prayer houses. The Talmud Torah was opened in 1889, and 59 people studied there at the expense of the community. In 1912 – the number of pupils had reached about 100.
In 1912, the population of Talne included 3,810 Orthodox Christians, 40 Catholics and around 10,000 Jews.
The business directory of 1913 lists hundreds names of Jewish entrepreneurs in Talne:

Families of brothers Velvel and Gershel Shapiro.
Both of them were assistants of tzadik David Tversky. One of the brothers was head of the secondary school which prepared teachers for Jewish school and second was a teacher in

People near building of Talne music school, 1920s:

Civil War pogroms

The local Jewish population suffered heavily in the years 1919-20 from pogroms by many peasant gangs, as well as the White Army soldiers, who pillaged and burned most of the town in the summer of 1919.

Jewish population of Talne:
1848 – 1,807 jews
1897 – 5,452(57%)
1912 ~ 10000 (77%)
1926 – 4,169 (39%)
1939 – 1,866 (15%)
2013 ~ 20 jews

The announcement of Ukrainian national forces regarding the forthcoming pogrom in 1919 read: “… All Russian peasants should display icons in their windows so that the Cossacks do not attack the villagers… Everything must be finished in half an hour”.
The pogrom of May 13, 1919 was organized by local residents with 15 people killed and about 50 injured.
In early September, the Soviet troops were driven out by Tiutiunnyk’s gang who organised the killing of 53 people.

Yeshiva of David Tversky. There was a synagogue before the WWII:


Yeshiva of David Tversky. There was a synagogue before the WWII

Yeshiva of David Tversky. There was a synagogue before the WWII

The biggest massacre took place on September 19, 1919, under Denikin’s rule with houses looted and the burning of a part of the town.

Telman family: Isrul Telman with wife Ester (sitting on left, nee Fininberg) with daughter Eva. Isrul's sister Feiga Voskoboinik (sitting on right) with son.

Telman family: Isrul Telman with wife Ester (sitting on left, nee Fininberg) with daughter Eva. Isrul’s sister Feiga Voskoboinik (sitting on right) with son.

In early October 1920 Budenny’s troops defeated a Jewish self-defense, robbing and murdering many of the Jewish population.

Pogrom of May 13, 1919 Testimony of the Student Avrum Schwarzmann

Talnoye is a town in the canton of Uman, on the railroad line Tzvetkovo-Kristinovka, four versts from Uman. Its inhabitants number 15,000; about 8,000 Jews. Early in February the withdrawal of the Petlurist forces began to the line Znamenka-Tzvetkovo-Kristinovka. Under the Directory, with the permission of the authorities, a Jewish Night Watch, with 15 or 20 rifles, had been formed. On February 8 an attack occurred on the Jewish post, which was disarmed, robbed and beaten. Two days later four squadrons arrived in Talnoye. The soldiers went into the town and before the eyes of the whole population entered the houses of Jews and carried out all the property and took it to the station. After this there were incessant attacks and looting. The militia was powerless.

A company of guards came to keep order, and the Jewish population assumed the responsibility of feeding and clothing it. But the guard itself took part in the looting. The town suffered especially from the third Gaidamak cavalry regiment, which incessantly terrorized the Jewish population. Owing to the arrival of the Zvenigorod regiment under the command of Pavlovsky, there were no human lives lost in the town; there were only beatings and robberies.

Old paved road in former Talnoe Jewish neighborhood

Old paved road in former Talnoe Jewish neighborhood

Early in March the bolsheviki took Zvenigorod, but Talnoye at this time still remained in the hands of the Petlurists. The situation on the front was shifting for about two weeks. Approximately on March 19 Talnoye was taken by the 8th Soviet regiment, which also started looting. Two weeks later (after another capture by the Petlurists of Teplik) the withdrawal of the Soviet forces from Uman and Kristinovka began in the direction of Talnoe. On the way many bandits joined the Soviet forces, and for three days plundering in Talnoe did not cease. A part of the Chigirin regiment was stationed here. At the same time the local Revolutionary Committee, in which four out of twelve members were Jews, imposed a contribution of three million rubles on the local bourgeoisie. Requisitions of goods and wares which had escaped the looting were made upon the Jewish population. For non-payment of the contribution the bourgeois were arrested; of these 90% were Jews.

Former Jewish shop in Talnoe

Former Jewish shop in Talnoe

After some time the Chigirin detachment disarmed the Revolutionary Committee and the detachment of the Extraordinary Committee, with cries of “Away with the Jewish regime!” Soon the weapons were returned to the Russian members of the detachment and the Revolutionary Committee was reestablished, but Jews no longer occupied prominent places.On May 7th a peasants assembly was held, at which the local officers, dissatisfied with the registration of officers and also with the actions of the Revolutionary Committee, with cries of “Away with the Soviet regime, away with the Jews, away with Trotzky,” demanded an explanation of the president of the Revolutionary Committee concerning the registration that had been ordered and concerning the lack of articles of prime necessity. On the next day the president of the Extraordinary Committee, Gross, appeared with a detachment to give the explanations, and the assembly asked him to hand over all weapons to a new militia, which was chosen on the spot. Former officers were placed at the head of it, who took a number of rifles away from the detachment. An irregular firing began. The peasants of the assembly dispersed. The ringleaders (Polischuk, Zakhary Oleinik, and others) in the same night rode into the surrounding villages, collected the peasants by the ringing of bells, and told them fabulous inventions of this sort, that the Jews in Talnoe were plundering the church, killing Christians, etc., and that they had had difficulty in escaping from there. This served as the start for a pogrom. On May 13 the rebels began to approachTalnoe under the leadership of former officers and thugs ofTalnoe. The Soviet detachment fled. A proclamation was posted that all Jews must hand in their weapons within 24 hours.

Former Jewish shop in Talnoe

Former Jewish shop in Talnoe

There was another proclamation that all militiamen should remain in their places, except Jews. A former associate of the Central Rada, Arseni Melnichenko, was named as commandant of the town. No small part in the rebel movement was played by the Ukrainian Left Social Revolutionaries, at the head of whom was Karpov, inspector of the fourth class of the city schools. On May 14 the commandant called an assembly of Jews, at which there appeared and spoke a delegate from the Petlurist army, a representative of the “Greens,” and a representative of the local command, Vasili Krivenky. The substance of their speeches was that all communists were Jews, that a commune was injurious to the peasants, and that the Jews must be ordered to give up three machine guns and one mine-thrower. Dr. Vilenkis, Volynetz and Schwarzmann answered them, that all weapons had long since been collected by the preceding regimes. But this did not convince them. A commission of ten Jews was chosen to take part in searches of the Jewish population.

Former Jewish shop in Talnoe

Former Jewish shop in Talnoe

After the searches the Jews were driven out on the “Konnaia Torgovitza” (Horse-market Square), and immediately allowed to return home. Next day the same thing was repeated; they rounded up the Jews and demanded the surrender of weapons and of all communists. A list of communists was presented. At the same time the rebels surrounded Jewish dwellings and looted and killed. There were 15 people killed, and about 50 wounded.

Former Jewish shop in Talnoe:

The rebels held out until the month of July. An order for mobilization was issued, in which nothing was said of Jews. All the stores of grain which the preceding regime had collected, and all food products, were divided exclusively among Christians. An agitation was carried on that the peasants should sell nothing to the Jews. A convention of peasants was held, at which an Executive Committee was elected. In the first half of July a scouting party of Klimenko arrived, which killed one Jew and wounded one.

At an assembly of Jews Klimenko demanded 400 suits of underclothing, several score of shoes, 15,000 cigarettes a day, etc. The Jews furnished the latter. ‘ Eight days later Tiutiunik’s detachment arrived in Talnoe. There were attempts at looting, but the soldiers of Klimenko stopped them, saying: “The Jews have given us so much that it is not worth while to kill them.” Then the bandsdeparted, and a period without a government ensued in Talnoe.

Statistic of pogroms in Talnoe, from Archive of Kiev region

Statistic of pogroms in Talnoe, from Archive of Kiev region

Pogroms in Talne were described in memories of doctor Lazar Bilenkis who was a head of local Jewish self defence unit. 

Talne Jewish self-defence (doctor Bilenkis is in the middle):

Description of pogrom in Talnoe from “Massacre scroll”:

After Civil War

Wooden synagogue in Talne (photo by the middle of 1920’s):

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In the beginning of 1920’s, old woden synagogue was destroyed by communist.

In Spring 1922 jews organized a self defence detachment (35 soldiers). In 1922 mainly the poorest Ukrainians and Jews founded a guild known as the “Beehive and a Bee”.

Site of sawmill which belong to David Tverskiy:

At JDC website I find this rather interesting report about a state of Talnoe Jewish Community in 1923:


In former days Talnoe was one of the most prosperous little towns in the Ukraine. It is situated in a district where the corn trade was at its height and having as its resident the famous “Talnoe Rabbi”, Jews from the entire district used to flock here, and brought with them welfare and prosperity into the town. That used to be. Times have changed now. Talnoe, as well as the rest of the town in this district has suffered from a number of pogroms. Prosperity has gone long ago, so has the famous Rabbi and so have also all those that could afford to leave the town and find refuge in larger centres, more or less safe from pogroms and under better economic conditions. Only the very poor had to stay behind trying to make the best of it.

Jewish shops in Talne. Photo from book “Manya’s Story” by Bettyanne Gray:

The general population consists of 14,000 among which are 8,000 Jews, including 500 refugee families. The only institutions now in Talnoe are: 1. Ukrainian Children home 2. Home for Aged with 35 inmates. A few versts out from Talnoe there is also an hospital with 50 beds. This hospital belongs to the sugar factory out there. The Jewish children home burned down recently, the children of which have been quartered in private homes. The J. D. C has allocated $110 (5000 roubles) for repairs of the children home.

Children and teachers in Jewish kindergarten in Talne. Photo of 1924:

RELIEF RENDERED BY J. D. C. $200 sent by the New York Landsmanschaft on Feb. 23, 1923, was distributed on April 9th, 1923, by our inspector in accordance with the wishes of the Landsmanschaft. This is how the money was distributed: 1. For the repair of the children home, recently destroyed by fire – Rs. 2500 ($56). (For this the JDC added out of its own funds Rs. 5,000). 2. For repairs of the premises of the Jewish Public school – Rs. 2000 (about $45) 3. For the Home for Aged – Rs. 1500 (about $33). The balance – the sum of Rs.3000, (about $66) was distributed among the neediest of the Jewish population. At that time arrangements were also made for the distribution of 25 Food Remittance Packages sent by the New York Landsmanschaft, and 7 Food Remittance Packages sent by the Argentine Landsmanschaft.

Site of Haskel's Rapoport soap shop

Site of Haskel’s Rapoport soap shop

The J. D. C. has added 25 Food Remittance Packages for distribution out of its own Bulk Sale. Thus the miserable condition of those in dire need has somewhat been relieved; also the institutions have received some relief. But that is yet quite insufficient.

According to JDC Archive, the members of USA TALNER Relief Landsmanshaft in 1920’s were Dr.Lazar Bilinkis, Beniamin Turkat, Moishe Barsky, Avrum Turkat and Isaac Gutesblat, D.Petchenick, Moishe Rodoselsky, Miss Bunja Ginokur.

Also available is the reply letter from Mr. B. J. Oliver, 10 Simpson Street, Hartford, Conn, who obviously was searching for his family in Talne.

Jewish Komsomol devision in Talne, 1933:

This photo was made in Talne in 1933. All these people are members of Jewish Komsomol devision. Photo was provided by wife of Shika Pogrebinskiy – Pogrebinskaya Sura Iosipovna before her death.
People in the first row (standing) from left to right: 1,2 – unknown; 3 – Pozharskiy; 4 – unknown woman; 5 – Shika Pogrebinskiy (?-1993).
People in th second row (sitting): 1 – Volinets; 2 – M. Pogrebinskiy; 3 – unknown woman; 4 – teacher Gorodetskiy; 5 – Baziyan; 6 – R. Pozharskiy; 7 – B. Hrapko.
People in a third row (sitting): 1 – unknown; 2 – Kagan M.
People in 4th row (sitting): 1 – Kagan M.; 2 – unknown woman; 3 – Mezhiritskaya
In the 1920-30s. the number of Jews in Talne, like in other towns of Ukraine, decreased due to famine, repression and migration.
According to the 1926 census, 4,169 Jews lived in Talne (39% of the population).

Komsomol group in Jewish School №4, 1939:

This photo provided by Kerpelman Grigoriy.
First row (standing from left to right): Naum Bilinkis, Kerpelman Grigoriy, Munya Shvartsman.
Middle row: Liza Soloduha, Buzya (surname is unknown), Martur – pioneer leader, Kogan <unknown name Nusevna> – Yiddish teacher, Yakov Bilinkis – head of school, Esya Finkel, Nesya Havulya, Sonya (surname is unknown).
Lowest row: Lisogor, Israel Chepurnoi – son of math teacher, Sonya.

Some Jewish “artel” in Talne, 1920s:

Jewish guys at Talne foodball field. Most of them were killed during WWII. Photo by 1940:

First row (standing, from left to right): Solomon Safran, Gorbokon, Leva Sherstyaniy.
Second row: Leva Pribluda, Leva Fonfat, Naum Feldman, Milya Gendler
Before the war, 1,866 Jews were recorded as living in Talne (15%).

Photos from Kremenetzkiy family album:

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Only small number of Jews evacuated in the first weeks of war. Germans tanks attack railway station and killed many civil people who were waiting for evacuation. Nuber of Jews among them is unknown but was a signifacant. On August 16, 1941, the local commandant ordered the registration of all Jews who were gathered in the square and told they would be sent in several parties to Uman. They were killed on the field near village of Bilashky (more than 2000).

Talnoe in 1941

Talnoe in 1941

On April 17, 1942, a second death action took place. Around 115 residents were killed. Many Jews who tried to evacuate from Western regions of USSR delayed in Talne and was killed together with local Jews.

After WWII

After Talne liberation small number of Jews returned to Talne. After the WWII there was only one doctor in Talne region and she was a Jewish woman Titler Mariam.
Remains of second “action” victims were reburied in 1952-1953.

Reburial of Holocaust victims in Talne. 1952-1953. Standing man is Roizman Efim:

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Last minyan was gavered in private house in Talne at 1960’s.
On photo from left to right: Shaya Meerovich Mensonzhik (1889-1965), WWI veteran,roof-maker; Leykehman (emmigrated to Odessa); Kuperman (unofficial Rabbi, died and burried in Talnoe, descendants lives in USA); Holodenko (died and burried in Talnoe, descendants lives in Germany); Soloduha (died and burried in Talnoe, descendants lives in Israel).

Members of last minyan in Talnoe, 1962 From left to right: Shaya Meerovich Mensonzhik (1889-1965), WWI veteran,roof-maker; Leykehman (emmigrated to Odessa); Kuperman (unofficial Rabbi, died and burried in Talnoe, descendants lives in USA); Holodenko (died and burried in Talnoe, descendants lives in Germany); Soloduha (died and burried in Talnoe, descendants lives in Israel)

Members of last minyan in Talnoe, 1962

Most Jews emmigrate from Talne to different cityes of former USSR in 1970’s. In 2013 there live only 20 Jews, most of them are pensioners. Head of Jewish Community – Titler Valentina Romanovna. I have his contacts and can provide if you need it.

Talner Hasidim opened a synagogue in this building in Talne, 2017

Talner Hasidim opened a synagogue in this building in Talne, 2017

In 2013 there live only 20 Jews, most of them are pensioners. Head of Jewish Community – Titler Valentina Romanovna. I have his contacts and can provide if you need it.

Holocaust survivour A. Mogilever near monument where was killed 9 members of his family, August 2010

Holocaust survivour A. Mogilever near monument where were killed 9 members of his family, August 2010

Due to efforts of Naum Feldman (who was borned in Talne, and now living in USA) in Brooklyn Holocaust Memorial Mall was opened a Monument in the honor of 500o jews which were killed in Talne. He gavered more than 100 jews from Talne and their descands for opening ceremony.

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They lived in Talne

Rabbi Duvidl Tversky (1808-1882) – a chassidic rebbe and renowned Talmudic scholar, one of the eight sons of Rabbi Mordechai Tversky, the grandson of Rabbi Nohum Tversky (Magid of Chernobyl). R. Duvidl lived in Talne from 1854. His grave in the Jewish cemetery has become a place of pilgrimage for Bratslav Hasidim. Rabbi Duvidl lived in luxury and wealth and is said to have sat on a silver throne with a quotation from the Talmud inscribed in gold: “David, king of Israel, lives forever”.

Duvidl Tversky

Duvidl Tversky

Rabbi David loved singing and music, and surrounded himself with cantors and klezmer singers. His personal cantor was Rabbi Joseph of Talne. After the death of R. Duvidl in 1882, the Hasidic court was headed by Rabbi Nohum Tversky. He died young and was succeeded by his son, Rabbi Yitzhak Tversky (1930-1997).
Josef from Talne (Josef Volynets) – the personal cantor of Talner Rebbe, author of Hasidic melodies, composer and performer.
Michail Elman (1891, Talnoe – 1967, New York) – a famous musician, violinist.

Detail biography of Misha Elman in Jewish newspaper

Detail biography of Misha Elman in Jewish newspaper

Mikhail Elman

Mikhail Elman

Petr Vesklyarov (1911, Talnoe – 1994, Kiev) (real name Pinhus Vesklyar, alias Grandfather Panas) – an actor and famous TV presenter.

Petr Vesklyarov

Petr Vesklyarov

Memorial plate to Pinhus Vesklyar on the place of his parent's house in Talnoe

Memorial plate to Pinhus Vesklyar on the place of his parent’s house in Talnoe

Isaac Shaevich Dvuhbabny (1922, Talnoe – 1943, Kerch) – the Hero of the Soviet Union. He was buried in the village of Geroevskoe near Kerch.

Isaac Shaevich Dvuhbabny

Isaac Shaevich Dvuhbabny

Photographer Rahmil Rabinovich

Rabinovich Rahmil Abramovich (1893-1943) was a photographer in Talne at the beginning of XX century. He took part in WWI and was rewarded with 2 St. George’s Crosses. During WWII Rahmil Rabinovich was enrolled to Red Army, captured, betrayed by his countryman and killed by Germans.

Klavdiya Kolesnikova from Korsyn Jewish Museum interviwed his daughter Ester in 2000’s and took next few photos:

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In 1964, Talnoe district was united with Uman and Talnoe archive was moved to Uman. But local official Vladimir Rozgon just burned 7 trcuks of documents in ravine not far from Talnoe.

Bilashki Holocaust mass grave

The mass grave is located 3-4 km from Talne along the Talne-Uman road, in a field not far from the road (on the left side). There is a granite obelisk with an inscription in Russian. The obelisk was erected in August 1972. It isn’t mention that most of killed person were jews.

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Titler Valentina provided few historic photos – 4 survived Jews in 1981 and photo near monument at 1970’s.

Old Jewish Cemetery

Cemetery was destroyed in 1980’s and kindergarten was built on this place. Ohel of Rabbi Duvidl Tversky (1808-1882) situated there. The cemetery borders on private gardens. Date Of The Oldest Known Gravestone is 1825.

Inscription on the most recent gravestone: פ”נ
אשה חשובה
הכשרה והצנועה
מ’ טובה אשת
ר’ פסח צאמין
שנפטרה כ”ו
שבט שנת תרנ”ז
Here buried
Is a respected woman,
Decent and humble,
Tova, the wife of
Rabbi Pesach Tzomin,
Who died on Shvat 26
May her soul be bound in the bond of life

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Tombstones laying on the riverbank where the Soviet authorities had bulldozed all of the tombstones from the old Jewish cemetery. They needed to bulldozed the stones off to make room to build a school which now stands over the old graves. The tombstones lie on a nearby river bank – just scattered around – wherever they fell.

New Jewish Cemetery

Located 3km from the city of Talne, along the Talne-Cherkasy road. The old part of the cemetery contains up to seven tombstones, the earliest burial refers to 1928. This part is utilized as a grazing ground. On the new part of the cemetery there are approximately 50 graves, as well as the mass grave of Jews murdered on August 19, 1941 at the city slaughterhouse, and reburied in the cemetery in 1952-53.

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New Jewish Cemetery in Talne. Photo by Lo-Tishkah

New Jewish Cemetery in Talne. Photo by Lo-Tishkah

According to the Head of Jewish Community Titler Valentina Romaniva on this cemetery the last 3 Halakha jews of Talne were buried…
Inscription on the oldest found gravestone.
שמחה בר
גאבערביק נפ
יט טבת תרפח
Here buried
Is Simcha, son of
Eliyahu Habervik,
Who died
On Tevet 19, 5688




  1. I have been searching for information for one of my great grandmothers – Rachel Sturman – who was born in Talne in 1869. Request that anyone with information pertaining to this period of time in Talne to contact me.
    Thank you. Bob

    • Bob–My family lived in Talne at that time. The Polevoys had a general store. Boutelkoff was a Talmudic scholar (probably studied with Twersky and born approximately the same time as Rachel).

      My great-great grandmother’s maiden name was probably Gorodetsky. She was first Tuba Grossman and then Tuba Boutelkoff.

      It’s possible that the Polevoy from Rachel’s generation was named Isaac–he would have been the proprietor of the general store.

      His children were Samuel, Dora, Francis, Moishe–there was at least one more daughter, but we never met her.

      Look forward to hearing from you. There is also a Podolsky in our family, but I do not think he was from Talne.


      Rachel Grossman

      • I just read your post Rachel, I am a decendant of the Polevoy family from Tolna and would love all the information you have on our family.

        Jordan Polevoy

  2. Goldie Polevoy is the other Daughter of Issac Polevoy as per my family records

    • Jordan, this is Barry Sharoff, from Denver. My mother (Ruth) and her siblings are from Tolne. Her mother was Shava, married to Ben Galavata. Her parents were Bosha Lisack (Lisagor), married to Julius Shargarodsky, who had a clothing (haberdashery) store in Tonle. Bosha was also the mother of Razel, who married Moishe Polevoy. Their grandson Cary also lives here in Denver. If you ever see this and wish to connect, my email address is

      • Barry, email me. I’m getting more info on Polovoys.

        • Have you been in contact with Jonathon Newman? He’s also putting together some Polevoy stuff. I’m also related, my great grandmother was Mirl Khavulya, nee Polevoy from Talne. Her father’s name was Leib.
          On the topic, I assume that you are all familiar with “Manya’s Story” by her daughter Bettyanne Gray?

  3. My family emigrated to the USA from Talne. In addition to Serbins I am also aware of another family name, something like Bezh-Broz or a variant thereof. Are there any records of the Jewish residents there?

    • Head of Jewish Community can’t remember people with such name.
      Naum Fridman is living in Brooklyn, he was born in Talne before WWII and, I hope, can remember pre-war families . I can provide his address in private massage. I hope he is still alive and can help you. One another way is try to search in Archives.

      In Kiev Archiv exist records which are mentioned in article above. I don’t have digital copy of these records.

      I find that in this book one person Serbin G.M. testified on the pogrom in Talne (September 1919). May be he is your relative…

      • It’s entirely possible that we are related. However, the information that we have is largely gleaned from people that made it to the USA.

      • Шалом алейхем! прочитал эту страницу. к сожалению мой английский для чтения, но писать по английски мне тяжело. мое имя до тшувы Сергей Фроянченко. назван в память своего прадеда изначально как Исраэль – Сруль.

    • My great great grandmother’s maiden surname was Breff/Broff/Briff. The family emigrated to both Canada and Philadelphia PA.

  4. I recently discovered that my grandfather, David Bayless, was from Talne. His name was Beiliss, but the immigration officials changed it to Bayless. He was born in Talne in 1898 and came to the US in 1913. He was a relative of Mendel Beilis, whose story is the basis for Bernard Malamud’s novel, The Fixer. Does anyone know anything about the Beiliss family in Talne?

    • I have this last name written down at home. Don’t know how it fits into my genealogy. But I will look.

  5. Hi,

    I am a decendent of the Gochman/Hochman clans who emigrated to the US from Talne around 1900. Does anyone have any memory of our name?

  6. My grandmother came from Talne. Her name was Bessie Skwirski. Any info related to her or any of the Skwirski’s would be most welcome

    • Do you know if your grandmother’s family were merchants in Talne. I think there are old business directories available and you might be able to find your family there.

      • There is a boutelkoff in my family.

        • I was wondering, would anyone be interested in using DNA tests to see who among us may be related? Also, to what part of the USA did your families emigrate? Ours moved out to southwestern PA, mainly to Indiana, PA and the Pittsburgh areas.

          • Hi there! I have done the DNA. What site are you uploaded in? It would be fun/interesting to see any similarities!

      • Hi, I saw that Bob Shaw wrote his grandmother was Bessie Skwirski from Talne. My grandmother was Leah (Lena in US) Skwirski(unsure of spelling) from there and might have been her sister. Moved to new York with a sister I think Bessie, though they became estranged and I never met her, and father John around 1908. They had a general store. Would love to find my relatives. Iknow there were 7 children in their family. Thanks

        • Lena Squirsky married Shloime Avromovitch Skvirsky and had 5 children of which one was my grandmother. The other children were Volk, Ruchla, Isadore, Bessie ( my grandmother ) and shrul who later changed her name to Anna. If this sounds familiar contact me at

    • фамилия Свирський жили на ул Щорса около старого кладбища

      • translation: surname Svirsky lived on Shchorsa Street near the old cemetery

        • Any recollection of the name Gochman from Talne?

          • Hi R
            Gochmans are on my father’s side of the family (known to me as a kid as uncle Chiel & Tanta Molly) – my paternal grandmother & grandfather, Naftula Potegailo, came from Talne
            Mike P

    • Hello, I think we may be related! I just found out about Talne today and googled it. My grandmother had a sister named Gussie Skwirski from there. My grandmother was Leah(Lena in the US). Could that be her sister? Or are we realted another way?

  7. Rachel, My great grandparents (Hershel and Rachel Butowetsky ?) and their 3 daughters emigrated from Talne in tn 1902. I believe my great grandfather’s family had a flour mill in Talne.
    Do you have more information on the availability of the old business directories?

    • Hi, Carolyn! I don’t know about the old business directory, but I’m pretty sure we are second-cousins. My grandfather, Edward Butowsky, was born in 1903 in the U.S. just after the family arrived. Is your grandmother, the oldest daughter, Anna Butowsky Race? My dad, Harry Butowsky, is a historian and he had collected a lot of information about the family, including recordings of Herschel’s brother, Jacob, from the 1970s in which he discusses the family, life in Talne, and the flour mill. I’d love to be in touch.

  8. My paternal grandparents came from Talne-emigrated around 1910. I believe the familiy name was Portugillo(?), Americanized to Potegal by the immigration clerk. When i was a kid 60 yrs ago, we would visit Tanta Molly & Uncle Chiel(?)-i believe they were of the Gochman clan. Any info about my grandparents would be appreciated

    • Mike, I wonder if Portugillo was derived from Portugal. There were claims in my family that we were of Sephardi (Spanish or Portuguese) ancestry, so it would be interesting to know if others has migrated to Talne after the inquisition.

    • Mr. Potegal. I have been doing research on my unusual last name and managed to trace a variant of it to Talne and nearby villages. I find the similarity of the names likely more than a coincidence, especially since my great grandparents listed there name as Potigailo and one of his daughter listed her name as Potigai when they came over from Katerynpil. Anything you can provide would be appreciated

      • Hello,

        I’m fairly new to this quest. My mother only knew her father as “Portugal.” says otherwise. Moments ago I learned my great-grandfather was named Jacob Potigailo… and that I’m part Ukrainian. Live and learn.

      • Hi. Your great grandfather was named Yichiel. My great grandfather was Baruch, Yichiel’s brother. They were 2 of 5 brothers that emigrated from Tolne in the early 1900’s. You have many cousins since Yichiel had a bunch of children. Contact me for more info.

        • Hi Rob,
          My paternal grandfather was Naftula (“Tula”) Potegailo – Tula had an older brother Duvid who lived in Moscow & 2 other sibs…are you saying that their father was Yichiel? Do you know what the family business in Tolne was? ( heard a vague story about fisherman (fish merchant?) Contact me directly thru email
          Mike Potegal

  9. Yes, i was told that Portugillo meant “from Portugal” in Russian(?) – if true, there is 700 yrs of history wrapped up in the name

    • Mike, judging by what I read online, you and your family members are likely eligible for Portuguese citizenship- you would just need to prove the Potegal-Portugillo connection.

  10. Mike, Guy and all, My maternal grandfather’s name was Meyer Portugalo and we think he also came from Talne.
    Perhaps we could look further into it. I have already done DNA sequencing with the company 23andMe so that may be another interesting possibility to pursue… My email is

    • Dennis, I’m related to Guy Serbin through my father’s mother. Our family, ‘the Serbins” were from Talne perhaps, but the evidence that I’ve seen is less than convincing. In any case, I’ve done the 23 and me test. I’ll request that we compare our DNA for fun.

  11. Mike Potegal, I guess we are cousins. Molly and Edward Gochman were my great-grandparents on my Dad’s mother’s side. My grandmother was Vivian (Rose) Gochman. I found this site because my daughter wanted more information about her family to share in her AP world history class.

  12. Douglas, our family was indeed from there. Great-Great-Bubbe Sosol Serbin Z.L.’s immigration record says that she came from there. We apparently lived next door to the Elmans, and she would often hear Mischa Elman practicing his violin.

    • My great great grandmother, Chaya Neponische Sharagaroldsky was a merchant who sold Mischa Elman his first violin.

  13. I just discovered this site and am delighted to see how active it is. My grandparents (Shukhat and Vinokur) came from Talne. Our family story is that my grandfather pushed Misha Elman’s baby carriage!

    I have translated over 200 listings that seem to correspond to Jewish residents of Talnoye from a 1913 business directory. I’ve submitted it to the Ukraine SIG of JewishGen for proofreading and listing in the Ukraine database. It contains some of the names mentioned here: Grosman, Polevoy, Serbin, Podolsky, Bezbrozh, Butvinovskaya, Potigaylo. Contact me directly at ahs613 at gmail dot com for more information.

    Also, the 1897 census records from Talne are in the Kiev archives, as mentioned on this website, and I’ve successfully obtained family records via a researcher.

    • Alan
      I’d be interested in any information you have about the Gochman/Hochman names. Where are you? We have a big family reunion every year, usually about 60- people, from that clan. My mother was born in Talne. We would all like to know as much as possible about our past.

  14. My grandfather, William Bayer, (Zev/Zuv Berillo) was from Tolne and came to the US in either very late 1890’s or early 1900’s. He had a sister Rose who never came to the US and was alive and well in the 1960’s. He sent her pictures of my Bar Mitzvah. She said Jews came from all over to see the pictures. Every year in the fall, my grandfather would ship heavy coats for his sister to sell to help the family make money on the “black market”. One year, I recall she told him he was cheated because some of the coats he sent were from polyester and were not all wool. I have one photo of my grandfather, his sister, and parents. My grandfather’s story was that he was a barber and his family also earned money by making and selling vodka to the peasants. One morning a drunken peasant was found outside their home. My grandfather was the only male in the house, as his father had died. As the only male in the house, he knew he would be accused of murdering the peasant. Thus, overnight he made his escape to the US and settled in Philadelphia, He had a number of half sisters who he thought had been killed in Babi Yar, but one cousin says he later found out most if not all had survived. I’m interested in hearing more about the Sephardic Jews of Tolne, as he always considered himself to be Sephardic. Last year I attempted to have his Tefillin restored and failed; however, the writing inside was of a beautiful “chabad” style of script and the ink was as black as the day written. Once, prior to his death in about 1981, he was contacted by someone who purported to be a “relative”; however, my grandfather questioned him and determined him to be a “faker”. Whenever we would drive by the Breslow fish market in Northeast Philadelphia, he would say that he knew the family from his hometown. I only wish I knew more.

    • Shalom!

      What was a surname of your grandfather’s sister Rosa?
      Was she leaving in Tolne in 1960’s ?

    • сефардами точно были семьи Маслий и Лисица и Коротичи , еще некоторые чьих имен уже не помню

  15. Мои предки Bazian были из Тальное, жили там с конца 19 века, занимались торговлей. Моя прабабушка Сура Базиян погибла 16 августа 1941 года с дочерью и внуком.Больше мы ничего не знаем. Пожалуйста, пришлите мне координаты Titler Валентины Романовны, я бы хотела с ней связаться.Спасибо!

    • Отправил детали в личку

      • Виталий,огромное Вам спасибо! Я переслала очерк своим родственникам , и моя двоюродная тетя узнала на фото комсомольского дивизиона своего отца, Лазаря Беньевича(Леонида Борисовича) Базияна.Он ушел на фронт добровольцем. был контужен, а вернувшись в Тальное узнал. что его родители, Мейра и Бен-Цион Базияны, его братья, сестры. его жена и малолетние дети , все погибли..Уже в 40 лет он снова женился . и родилась моя тетка.Он работал учителем в школе и много сделал, чтобы увековечить память Тальновского гетто, жаль не дожил , когда памятник поставили. Спасибо Вам огромное , что Вы открыли этот сайт и собираете информацию.Если Вы знаете где еще можно почитать или узнать о Тальном, о всех, кто носил фамилию Базиян, я буду очень благодарна.Может, Вы знаете в какой именно архив обратиться? Я проживаю в Израиле, мой поиски ограничены Интернетом.Буду рада любой информации .Спасибо.

        • С архивами удаленно работать проблематично, они мало что находят таким образомсписок документов и перечень архивов есть в статье в таблице.

        • А где именно на фотографии расположен Лазарь Беньевич Базиян? Я подпишу фотографию

      • передайте привет Валентине Романовне, если она еще жива, она меня учила в школе.

  16. мои предки Мармуры(Мармеры) тоже родом из Тального. Можно мне контакты Валентины Романовны Талнер на почту? Может быть она что-нибудь знает…
    Мои родственники спешно уезжали, почти ничего не помнят о том, что меня интересует, к сожалению. А мой дед, который родился в Тальном – уехал в тридцатые в Россию и потом погиб в 1941 во время войны.

    • Отправил

      • Здравствуйте Виталий Можете написать вашу электронную почту?

  17. Родители моей бабушки /Сербина Двойра Лейбовна / – Сербины Мордко-Лейб Гершкович и его жена Гитля жили в Тальном У них было несколько магазинов Они упоминаются в списке владельцев бизнеса в Тальном 1913г и в Kiev Gubernia Duma Voters Lists Бабушка умерла когда я была маленькой И поэтому ничего не знаю о ее родных Большая просьба ко всем которые могут подсказать пути поиска или обладают информацией об этой семье -сообщить мне

    • Посмотрите, здесь комментировали уже Сербины, может родственники, и может они знают больше

      • My grandfather from Talnoe too – Korsunskiy Lazar (born 1910). Any help, please.

  18. Виталий, насколько мне известно, моя бабушка (Людмила Мармур) родилась в Тальном в 1924, но её семья переехала в Россию когда ей не было и года. Если я не ошибаюсь, то моих прабабушку и прадедушку звали Ида Сухарловская и Филипп Мармур соответственно. Если у вас есть какая-либо информация, было бы очень интересно посмотреть. Большое спасибо. Юрий

  19. Здравствуйте Виталий.И мои предки были из Тальное.Мой дед,Мармур Шима Юдович,был кадровым военным,женился на моей бабушке Немировской Рахели,погиб в первые месяцы войны.Его отец,Юда Мармур,вместе со всей семьей,были расстреляны в Тальное.Буду рад любой информации по погибшим родственникам.Обращался к Валентине Тальнер через соцсети,но,к сожалению,ответа не удостоился.Спасибо

    • Выслал Вам номер ее мобильного в личном сообщении

      • Виталий я обращаюсь к Вам по просьбе хочу узнать о своей родне в местечке Тальное Украине. Сможете чем нибудь помочь?

    • Здраствуйте, Григорий! Возможно наши с вами предки были дальними родственниками – мой дед Анатолий (возможно до смены фамилии и переезда в Россию – Товий Мармур) Маркович Мармер родом из Тального. Его отца звали Марк Зейликович, а мать – Лея Хаимовна. У него была сестра Эсфирь, чьи дети сейчас живут в Израиле.
      Если вдруг у вас появится какая-либо информация о Мармурах, поделитесь, пожалуйста. Мне лично неизвестны какие-либо подробности, даты и т.п.
      Я звонил Валентине Титлер в Тальное, разговаривал, она давала мне телефон ныне здравствующего старожила в Тальном, но ничего конкретного, к сожалению, выяснить не удалось…

  20. Григорий, доброе время суток!
    Есть небольшая вероятность что наши с вами предки были родственниками,мой дед Анатолий Маркович Мармер родом из Тального, и насколько мне известно, после переезда в Россию он сменил фамилию с Мармур на Мармер. У него была сестра Эсфирь, чьи дети сейчас живут в Израиле.
    Если вдруг какую-то информацию вы узнаете, поделитесь, если возможно. Я звонил Валентине, она давала мне номер одного из старожилов Тального, но ничего конкретного о своих родственниках я не выяснил, к сожалению. Мне только известно, что прадеда звали Марк Зейликович, а его жену Лея Хаимовна. Ни дат, ни каких-либо сопутствующих данных.

  21. Здравствуйте, роднной брат моей прабабушки – Штивель Юзеф Овсеевич (майор, погиб на фронте в 1942 году) родился в местечке Тальное. Хотелось бы узнать подробнее моей прабабушке, Зинаиде.

    • Уважаемый г-н Резников,
      Меня зовут Белла Корытная. Я нашла на сайте информацию о Юзефе Овсеевиче Штивеле, и мой муж сказал, что это, по всей вероятности, его дядя, родной брат его матери. По документам на он родился в Одесской области, но его жена была из Тального.
      Если Вы имеете какую-нибудь информацию, Вы можете связаться со мной по электронной почте

  22. В Тальном была семья Шурак – Шуряк, известно ли кому-нибудь о таковой? (Shurack family) Спасибо

  23. .

  24. Здравствуйте Виталий можно вашу электронную почту?

  25. My great grandfather, Chaskel Kalmans (Charles in the US) came from Talne, & was born c.1884-5. Both he & his brother Nathan left in the early 1900s for NYC. The family story is that his father was a young scholar who married a daughter of a successful local grain merchant, who supported them for the prestige of having a scholar in the family. They had 2 sons. The daughter had been raised with servants & so, when her father’s business went bust & he could no longer support her & her husband, she had to actively do the housekeeping, which she was bad at. She withered away & died a few years later. Her husband was left to raise his sons, but he really only wanted to continue studying. So he remarried a woman with children – and perhaps had additional children with her, or her children took his surname.
    Chaskel/Charles quickly left NYC for Portland, Oregon where hemay have had cousins. He didn’t keep in touch with them once he moved to Seattle & so his daughter, my mother, didn’t know anything solid about them other than he called them “the Bernstein girls”.
    Might anyone know anything about the KALMANS family?

  26. I am interested if anyone knows anything about the KALMANS family. My grandfather, Chaskel (Charles in the US) was born in Tolna c.1884-5. He & his brother Nathan left Tolna/Talne in the early 1900s, Nathan to NYC/Brooklyn while Chaskel first Liverpool where he trained as a tailor for 2 years, & then to Portland, Oregon (where he might have had family (cousin?), & then to Seattle. The family story is that their father (first name unknown) was a Chassidic scholar who married a daughter of a successful local merchant (grain?) because the merchant (again name unknown) wanted the prestige of having a scholar in the family & was willing to support them. They had the 2 sons. The daughter (my great-grandmother) had been raised with servants & so didn’t know how to keep house, so that when her father’s business went bust & he could no longer support them, she tried to keep house, but was bad at it. She dwindled away & died a couple of years later. The father had 2 sons to raise but didn’t know how to deal with house & children, & so remarried a woman with children. He may have had more children with her, or her children took his KALMANS name.
    Might anyone here know anything about the KALMANS family, or a successful merchant who might be connected to our family story? Many thanks

  27. Dear All, My famile are from Talne and my granfather also mentioned in this post, his Name Rabinovich Rachmil Abrmovich and I would like to know if someone can assist me to find out more information about my family. My father Rabinovich Leonid passed away almost 3 years ago and he was a last person from all his family: the name of his brothers and sister: Grisha Rabinovich, Semion Rabinovich, Fira Rabinovich and my father Leonid Rabinovich.
    Our family was imigrate to Israel in 1991 and unfortunately all documents and photos was lost.
    Please if anyone hava any information contact me to my email:

  28. Здравствуйте!
    Семья моего дедушки, Моисея Эльевича Теплицкого 1902 года рождения, родом из Тального.
    Пожалуйста, дайте мне координаты Титлер Валентины, хотелось бы побольше узнать об истории семьи.
    Заранее благодарна,
    Маша Герштейн

  29. Здравствуйте!
    Согласно ревизских сказок 1850 и 1858 года мои предки Юкель, Лейб и Ноах Тарадай жили в Тальном, записанные, как уманские мещане.
    Затем прапрадед Ноах Тарадай переехал в Новоархангельск, был купцом 2 гильдии, там родились его 6 детей.
    Интересуют любые возможные сведения о предках и их потомках.

  30. Добрый день!
    Мой прапрадед Ноах Тарадай жил в Новоархангельске.
    Но согласно ревизским сказкам мещан Уманского уезда за 1850 и 1858 год его отец Лейб и дед Юкель жили в Тальном.
    Меня интересуют любьые сведения о предках, а также поиск возможных родственников.
    Фамилии родственников по браку Миндич, Теплицкие, Козорез, Бахмутские, но учитывая, что семьи тогда были большие, их больше, но мне не известны.

  31. У меня есть отсканированные «Ревизские сказки о купцах христианах, евреях, мещанах города Умани и уезда» за 1850 и 1858 годы, где есть и местечко Тальное.
    Готов предоставить всем интересующимся.

    • Здравствуйте, как можно у Вас получить эти сканы?

      • Здравствуйте, в выходные размещу в “облаке” и дам ссылку.

      • Набираете и скачиваете оба документа.
        Ссылка действительна 7 дней.
        Сообщите, все ли получилось.

    • Я тоже заинтересовалась. Как можно получить

      • Когда размещу в “облаке”, дам ссылку.

      • Набираете и скачиваете оба документа.
        Ссылка действительна 7 дней.
        Сообщите, все ли получилось.

  32. ll the information you share is really very interesting. I am Elman, and most of my ancestors come from Talne or Talnoye. Schokler, Khavulya, Erlijman, Rowner, Juver, among others. I live in Argentina. I would love to know if there are more people with the same surnames and ancestors. Greetings.

    • I heard that my family’s house neighbored Mischa Elman’s house, and they would hear him practicing on his violin.

    • Herman, we may be related, at least distantly. Azriel Khavulya, who went to Argentina, was married to Gisia Erlichman, and Rabbi Diego Elman’s mother was Azriel’s daughter (in Spanish spelled Jaubulij).

    • If you still are monitoring responses, I have built a decent family tree for the Khavulya family. There were two major families, and I know how they were connected and when the family name is first recorded.

  33. Wonderful to see such an active site! My grandfather Moishe Lertzman was born in Talne. He and his family are in the 1897 census – He is described as 16 years old living with his father, stepmother and younger siblings. An older brother was a teacher and not living in the household at the time. Moishe (under the name Max Green) immigrated alone to the US (New York) in about 1906/1907. His older brother was already here, living in Philadelphia. Max/Moishe stayed in NY on the Lower East Side, met my grandmother Anna Kleiman who had emigrated from Bila Tserkva with her family in 1908. They were married in 1911 and moved to Elizabeth, New Jersey where he was a builder. Any information on the Lertzman family of Talne would be greatly appreciated.

  34. Does anyone with Tolne roots recognize the family names Pritsky or Chernobylsky?

  35. What great information, thank you. Not sure if anyone is still active on this page.

    My grandfather immigrated from Talne in 1923 with his 3 siblings and his parents. His father was Volko Kvitko and his mother Ruchlia (Resnikoff).

    There was a family conversation about owning/running/working in a flour mill.

    There was also a story which described what sounds like a “pogromme” where one of the children were killed on the top of my great-grandfather and a brother prior to their immigration.

    They immigrated via Constantinople, with the help of the Jewish Col Assoc.

    I would love any guidance and support on learning more about the Kvitko and Resnikoff families.

    Thank you in advance.

  36. My name is Edward Scall. My email address is My father and his family emigrated from Talna Kiev Russia on March 15, 1914. He was 9 years old. Even though his name became Scalzub in NYC, his name on his immigration card reads Avrum Guzankin at time of entry to US. I have no relatives with that surname and do not know the origin. There are othe relatives names SCALL in USA and SCALAZUB in Buenos AIres. If you know anything about my heritage, I would love to hear from you. Best regards, Edward Scall NYC


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